Wyze Foundation

Educational Tools Available to Parents and Structured Knowledge to Learners.

“The secret of education rest in gradual theory introduction, sufficient definitions, and ample explanations.”

Prof. WYZE

“The Workbook addresses all educational assessments required by the             

 South-African Curriculum (CAPS).”

Why Choose Us?

Wyze Educational Publisher’s vision is the progressive contribution of curriculum-based support to primary education institutions.

We endeavor to achieve this by adhering to the Curriculum requirements as an enabling mechanism contributing to the delivery of quality and life-long learning.

We believe that playing a supportive role in the education of Learners is our privilege and a mutual responsibility, which is woven into the very fibre of the company.

It is our policy to constantly improve our educational support at affordable prices thereby ensure educational sustainability.

We at “WYZE” believe that our Wyze Workbooks for Grade 3 – 7 are an indispensable tool enhance and advance the marketable skills for any Learner who wishes to develop their confidence and compete in the global village the World has become.